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Growth Marketing for Startups

Founders craft an incredible idea. Capital is raised, engineers hit the ground running, a lone PM fights the good fight, and the founding Sales reps are getting their sea legs.

Squints, polishes eyeglasses.** How do you accelerate your pipeline growth and closed/won opps?

It’s time for Miracle Max.

As Founders, it's hard to split focus on building your product, spearheading your sales function, and identifying your founding team.

Miracle Max is here to take the go-to-market reins, protecting your burn rate by only investing in channels and messaging that convert your ideal customers. We’ll help you meet your goals of this funding round and improve your valuation heading into your next round.

Year 1 Growth

$0 - $5M

Page one keyword results

10 days

Year 1 Closed/Won Pipeline


Complete Marketing infrastructure

5 Months

How We Help

Foundational Strategy

Build a plan with product positioning, messaging, and 2-3 marketing channels that will drive revenue and build brand awareness.

Website Design and Content

Develop and optimize website with messaging and assets to attract your audience.

SEO Strategy

Build topical authority and thought leadership content that helps your Google search ranking.


Launch multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns designed to meet your pipeline goals.


We’ve helped startups reach their growth goals in record time.

Check out our latest case study


Select 1-2 Focus Areas 20 Dedicated Hours

Four Month Plan $4,500/m

Seven Month Plan $4,200/m

Twelve Month Plan $3,800/m


Select 4+ Focus Areas 80 Dedicated Hours
Four Month Plan $18,000/m

Seven Month Plan $16,800/m

Twelve Month Plan $15,200/m


Select 2-4 Focus Areas 40 Dedicated Hours
Four Month Plan $9,000/m

Seven Month Plan $8,400/m

Twelve Month Plan $7,600/m


"Working with Miracle Max Marketing has been a game-changer for us. Their strategic approach to messaging and content has significantly boosted our revenue and customer engagement. Their team's expertise and dedication shine through in every aspect of their work."

VP of Growth, B2B SaaS Tech Company

"Miracle Max Marketing helped us level-up our marketing strategy. They stepped in as our marketing team and got sh*t done. I appreciate having marketing experts handle our marketing while we scale the other parts of our business.”

CEO, Manufacturing Company

"Thanks to Miracle Max, our messaging lands and we’re ranking high in search results where we weren’t even appearing before. Their expertise and dedication are unmatched. Highly recommend for any Founder looking to elevate their marketing!"

Founder, Cybersecurity Company

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